Our History

From Modest Beginnings

AAA Metal and Glass, Inc. opened for business in October of 1978. Gerald Feather along with a business partner began a small local glass business from the ground up. With very little capital and only some basic knowledge, they began their endeavor. However this business relationship only lasted one year when Gerald’s partner had to leave for personal reasons leaving him to fend for himself with very little knowledge of the industry.  It was at that time Mr. Feather incorporated his business and AAA Glass & Mirror Inc. was formed.  Realizing the need for assistance, Mr. Feather hired two men with more glass experience than himself.

Determination & Commitment

Blessed with the attributes of being a quick study along with a strong commitment to service, this family owned business was well on its way. Mr. Feather’s wife Patricia along with his son Evan handled the books and most of the daily business.  The day to day operations were all run out of a very modest 18” x 18” shop located near their home in Fairlawn, NJ.  After 3 years, the company moved to a larger location in Haledon, NJ which consisted of a 32’ x 32’ shop with the addition of a 10’x12’ office on the second floor. This site would house AAA Glass & Mirror, Inc. for the next 14 years.

The family was faced with personal tragedy in 1997 when Mrs. Feather was diagnosed with a terminal illness. It was at this time Evan who had been a steady employee of AAA Glass & Mirror since his high school days and even earlier than that, took over the business allowing his father to care for his ailing wife. The two came to a mutual agreement allowing Evan (only 24 years old at the time) to take over the company while Mr. Feather focused his time and attention on his wife and younger daughter Jennifer.

Growth & Development

Once in charge, Evan decided to change the company name to AAA Metal and Glass, Inc with a profound interest in expanding into the commercial end of the glass industry. With his fathers blessing, Evan spent the next 2 years studying blue prints and doing whatever necessary to educate himself in every aspect of commercial contract glazing. With determination and drive the business continued to grow and thrive in the commercial aspect while still being committed to their customers requiring residential services.

The year 1999 brought about much change for AAA Metal and Glass Inc. with two major events taking place. Because of the tremendous growth, a new 7000 sq ft. facility to house the operation was purchased. In March of that year AAA moved to their current Paterson, NJ location believing it would provide enough space for their ever growing staff, fleet of vehicles, fabricating equipment along with the demands of their new found commercial jobs.  Unfortunately only a few months later that same year Mrs. Feather succumbed to her disease and passed away making the accomplishments bitter sweet.

Expansion & Efficiency

With the demands of larger jobs, AAA grew over the next 10 years averaging a steady 20% per year adding new product lines and becoming more versatile along the way. Ironically in 2009 what had seemed like more than enough space to run the business was no longer adequate to accommodate all the growth. In January of 2010 AAA purchased their 2nd building across the street from their current location in order to expand once again adding an additional 12,000 sq. ft.  This move has allowed AAA the ability to move all their glass and aluminum fabrication and become far more efficient in the process. This purchase has also created more room for an ever growing composite panel business, a window division and brand new office space. All the while AAA has never lost focus on their original commitment to their customers.  Whether it’s a broken store front window in the middle of the night or a midtown office building, AAA Metal and Glass Inc. remains Always Available Anywhere!