In Memoriam
Gerald Charles Feather - C.E.O 
May 01, 1949 – September 22, 2012
Jerry was everything a father, husband and employer should be.  He was kind, extremely generous, put others before himself and always took the time to talk to anyone he came in contact with.  If you are reading this, you most likely experienced Jerry’s gift for gab first hand.  Jerry attended college in Maine which according to him was by choice; however we still think it is the only school that would accept him!  He married his first wife Patricia at a young age, acquired a job in advertising and shortly thereafter had his first child, Evan who was followed four years later by a daughter Jennifer. Working many long hours, Jerry quit that advertising job telling his wife he didn’t get to see his children enough and was lured into the glass business with the promise of “easy money” and “bankers’ hours”.
Evan began working with his father at the age of nine (he says there's a time card to confirm that). This work continued for Evan after school, on weekends & holidays.  It didn’t really seem like work to him though, more just an opportunity to spend time with his father.  Jerry did have a few rules he insisted his son follow though such as:  always keep a notebook and be sure to write everything down (even though he would still bring in jobs that were written on the back of a matchbook cover or a post-it.)  More importantly, he taught his son to never walk away from a job, or difficult task or even a fight.  He said people will always remember two things about you: 1. that you showed up and 2: that you finished.  The in-between part of a job was all just details.
Jerry also recited that age old saying “the customer is always right” however he added to it “except when they were wrong”.  He instilled the importance of treating everyone the same, being fair, trying your hardest every day in work, life, and love.  As both a business owner and a father, he made everyone around him laugh with his silly jokes. No matter what happened during the course of a work day, it was impossible to stay mad at the man.
When Jerry’s wife Patricia passed away it was an enormous loss to him as well as the whole family.  However, as fate would have it, he was fortunate enough to find true love once again with his second wife, Barbara. Becoming a blended family was easy for Jerry as he had so much love to share.  Perhaps the single greatest joy was his grandchildren and the time he was afforded to spend with them.  The love he bestowed upon them and the love he received back was a gift he cherished most while here on this earth.  It is only logical to believe Jerry continues to look after all his grandchildren from above.
There is not a day that goes by that we at AAA Metal & Glass don’t think of Jerry in some way.  Whether it is the subtle reminder of seeing his handwriting on an old file, or something more significant like hearing another story of how he impacted a stranger’s life, we remember Jerry.  He was truly a people person – he loved life, he loved sharing it with others, but most of all he made us all feel like we mattered.